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Tuncurry Who's Who

Distinguished and Famous people from Tuncurry

1. Ralph Harris (1933 - )

Ralph Harris is a renowned Australian artist born in Tuncurry. He is known for his exceptional landscape paintings that depict the beauty of New South Wales. Harris' distinctive style and attention to detail have made him widely recognized in the art community.

2. Les Murray (1938 - 2019)

Les Murray, born in Tuncurry, was a highly regarded Australian poet and writer. He is considered one of Australia's leading poets and has received numerous awards for his contributions to literature. Murray's works often explored themes of Australian identity, culture, and nature.

3. Belinda Emmett (1974 - 2006)

Belinda Emmett was a talented Australian actress and singer, originally from Tuncurry. She gained recognition for her role in the popular TV series "Home and Away" and her musical performances. Despite her untimely death, Emmett left a lasting impact on the Australian entertainment industry.

4. Tim Glasby (1989 - )

Tim Glasby is an Australian professional rugby league player, born in Tuncurry. He has represented various prominent NRL teams, including the Melbourne Storm and the Newcastle Knights. Glasby's skills and dedication have made him a respected figure in the sport.

5. Steve O'Keefe (1984 - )

Steve O'Keefe is a cricketer hailing from Tuncurry. He has played for the New South Wales cricket team as well as the national team, representing Australia. O'Keefe's notable achievements include an exceptional performance in a test match against India, where he took 12 wickets.

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